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Student sponsorship

We at Niwant receive majority of the population from all over Maharashtra. As many of them are from rural areas, they get less support from their parents. Many of them can’t even afford to pay their fees. In today’s cutthroat competition, We believe in quality teaching.

We are planning to allot professional trainers to all the well-designed grades. In order to pay the charges of the professionals, we have launched a new scheme called Student Sponsorship. You could help us by paying one of the student’s fees. However, the students would be also charge minimum Rs. 50 for grade 1 and Rs. 100 for grade 2.

In a way, you can become guardian of the needy and interested learner. We would be always obliged and thankful for valuable contribution of yours. Your ward’s progress in whatever grade he/she is persueing will be communicated you from time to time.

Please refer to the table below for more details regarding the courses and their fees according to each grade.

Grade name Course duration Monthly charges Total charges
Grade 1 3 months. Rs. 800 Rs. 2400
Grade 2 6 months. Rs. 1100 Rs. 6600