Thankyou for supporting us!

We would like to thank you in person for showing interest in donating and contributing to Niwant’s cause. But before you donate, we would request you to first visit Niwant Andh Mukta Vikasalaya if you have never visited before.

After all, what we want is that you experience the Niwant’s initiative with your own eyes and then decide it for yourself. This way you will be ensuring that your contributions are being used appropriately.

I should donate for?

You can donate to Niwant in various ways. We have categorically listed out the ways you can contribute.

Student Sponsorship

Many students who come to Niwant also pursue their higher education from colleges and universities. But they cannot even bear minimum cost of college/university fees, mess bills or even hostel fees. You can help these students by sponsoring them directly in paying their fees. At Niwant, we have also started training our students in computers via the Insight computer training academy. For professional level of training to be offered, we need to pay the trainers too. You can help by sponsoring our Insight Academy students in paying their computer training fees too. To know more about Insight Academy we suggest you to read our About Insight page.

Sponsor books

Many of our students require their study material in Braille. This study material is provided to them free of cost at Niwant. The study material includes
  • English books transcribed in Braille
  • Marathi (Shri / Mangal fonts) books transcribed in braile
  • Notes typed in word documents and printed in Braille

Aids in assistive tools and technologies

Similarly, all the students also use audio formatted books so that they can listen to those and manage their studies. For this, they have been using MP3 players. But listening to audio files in MP3 players makes life difficult as browsing through the audio content is completely dependent on forward and rewind mechanisms. Alternatively there are DAISY players and DAISY books available DAISY stands for Digital Audio Information System. This audio format allows to read an audio book just like a text book making browsing a lot easier. One can jump from topic to topic to navigate the entire audio book. You can either sponsor MP3 player(s) or even DAISY player(s) for our students.

How should I donate?

If you are not in India and are looking to donate, then we would erge you to please provide your helping hand via your Indian counterpart. This is because we don’t still have FCRA certification which is absolutely necessary to obtain donation from abroad.

Donating from within India is quite simple. All you need to do is to make an online transfer to our account by following 2 simple steps.

Do I get Tax Benefits?

If your donating from anywhere in India, then you can get ATG benefits. Yu will receive ATG receipts against the donations you provide. For obtaining the ATG receipt,

You must either personally visit Niwant at the following address.

Niwant Andha Mukta Vikasalaya Niwant, S.No.33, Plot no. 75. Vidyanagar, Pin code : 411032

or can request to have it posted on your postal address.