14 years back Niwant Andh Mukta Vikasalaya was established to help the visually challenged youth of India get a chance at holistic development in this fast growing new age world.

When they did not have any education material, Niwant offered them the opportunity to gain knowledge initially through hand written Braille books and cassette recording for audio. This increased their zeal to study further which made Niwant look further into options of providing more knowledge at a faster rate.

Niwant received a Braille Embosser, which opened a new eye for the Visually Challenged as they were able to compete with the sighted world.

The journey of making Visually Challenged students technologically savvy started with Niwant providing them with MP3 players, on which they could record the lessons.

Soon after computers were introduced, this broadened their horizons of knowledge and employment opportunities. The whole concept of learning for visually challenged has changed with the introduction of computers, internet, visual-aids, software and e-books.

With the help of the state-of-art technology and assistance from working professionals (volunteers) at Niwant, not only have they learnt to use the broad world of computer science but are also making a career in it. There are students who are pursuing their bachelors in computer science. In spite of being well versed with IT and programming, the Visually Challenged youth at Niwant found it difficult to seek employment. This is when we at Niwant realised that we were equipped with the knowledge and infrastructure to start our own venture.

Fruit of all these efforts is the birth of Tech Vision – Software Division of Niwant. It got its first break from an American company called ‘Boardwalktech Inc. ‘

Following visually Challenged students are presently working on the project:
Ø Siddhant Chothe- Completed MCM
Ø Nitin Dhavare – Completed PGDCA
Ø Sandhya Murkute – 3rd year B.C.A.
Ø Vikas Waghmare – 3rd year B.C.A.
Ø Sanghapal Bhowate – 3rd year B.C.A.

Many a visitors at Niwant and those who have heard about Tech Vision are very surprised to see that the visually challenged have reached such great heights in the field of software development.

Currently, Tech Vision is competent in Visual basic, Java, Oracle, C++, PHP, MySQL, Web Design, Accessibility testing of User Interface, Web Accessibility testing and solutions. (USA 508, WCAG2 guide lines)