VISION UNLIMITED (Braille library)

Niwant hosts a Braille library called Vision Unlimited with more than 3000 books in different languages.

Ten and a half years we wrote books by hand and set up a library of Braille books open to all the visually challenged people.

Now we have two Braille Printers in Niwant—courtesy Rotary Club of Pune Westend.

Every year NAMV prints at least a lakh and a half pages of Braille literature, both curricular and extracurricular, as aid to the students of Niwant.

More than 3000 books in different languages, Electronic Braille reader, SARA auto reader, Multi-page scanner and two embossers stand testimony to the academic success stories of team Niwant.

Today we are extremely proud of the fact that the status of Braille literature has risen so high that books are published on the same dais where a book in normal printing is published. The very fact that books are available in Braille inspired many visually challenged students to pursue higher education.

We have 15 branches of our Braille Library all over Maharashtra.

Names of all the places with branches!

Niwant has Braille transcribed a no. of books -----------

1. All books by Sudha Murthyji
2. Dr. Meena Prabhuji’s travalogues
3. Dr. Sunil Kumar Lawate Khali Jamin Var Aakash
4. Vachu Aanande by Madhuri Purandare
5. Jahir Nama and Mazhe Vidhyapeeth by Narayan Surve
6. Sanhita – Vinda Karandikar
7. Mounache Bhashantar – Sandeep Khare
8. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish – Rashmi Bansal
9. Nobel Lalana – Meera Sirsamkar
10. Gone with the wind – Varsha Vajendra Gadkar (translation)
To name a few & many many more books have opened gates of knowledge to the visually challenged students.