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Insight Academy: eat, breathe and sleep with computer

Insight Academy is founded with the vision of making the visually challenged independent, empowered and contributing members of the society by way of spreading of computer literacy and creating reputable career opportunities!

We believe in overall personality development of the students and connecting them to the world! This will not only turn them into independent and esteemed individuals but also responsible and contributing citizens.

Knowledge of Computers is a gateway to getting connected with the world outside where an ocean of opportunities is awaiting for our students to make their lives enriched and fulfilled with a respectable employment and valuable social and personal relationships. Equally important with the computer knowledge is the ability to express oneself and get along with people well in different walks of life. Good inter-personal skills of a visually challenged person are his biggest strength.

Therefore, we at Niwant focus on :

  • creating computer awareness
  • over all personality development

The 8 level curriculum structure is designed with the aim of achieving our vision of all round development of the students, in a timely and systematic manner, with a complete focus on individual student improvement.

Rahul Teaching computer Nitin teaching computer.