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Course Structure

The overall curriculum has been structured into 8 Grades. Off these, we have already started conducting the first couple of Grades and are getting an overwhelming response from students. We are still working on the further grades and will be starting those soon.

Ongoing Grades

Grade: 1
Duration: 3 months
Objective: This course is intended to get a visually challenged student who doesn’t know computers at all to get used to typing by listening to JAWS screen reading software. He should also feel convenient with the basic keyboard commands used to create, edit, write and save word documents. In communication, they are expected to communicate in a way that they can introduce themselves and carry out basic day-to-day interactions in english.
Topics covered: Keyboard orientation, Talking Typing Teacher, Starting computer, Openning Word, reading keystrokes with jaws, English grammar, vocabulary and communication, Simple Logical reasoning, Translate and type, hear and type, Enable India's spelling tool, Braille read and type.

Grade: 2
Duration: 6 months
Objective: This course is intended to get the students up to a level where they can operate MS Office and use the internet to their advantage with ease. On the other hand, they are expected to be able to carry out email communication, send out reports and be logically strong as well.
Topics covered: Introduction to Computer, Creating folders/sub folders/files, Dialogue boxes and controls, MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel), Internet (browsing, Email access, Web searching, Downloading, chatting), Software installation, Written communication, Advanced Logical reasoning.