Mrs. Meera Badve started ‘Niwant Andh Mukta Vikasalaya’ in 1996. ‘Niwant’ was a dream then. Mrs. Badve had nothing else other than her own house, talent and a strong will to devote her life for the cause of upliftment of the visually challenged students-telling them that education was their birthright. She rendered her honorary services to the students in the Blind school in Pune; it struck her that her place and focus actually ought to have been for those who were asked to leave the school after the age of 18--- when they were practically on the street. There was darkness within and without. There was no family support as they were either orphans or they were discarded by their families as the non-productive part of the society. Obviously, they were directionless and were unaware of their rights as human beings.

It was a tragic tale of wasted talents which resulted in frustration and society used them for malpractices. All they needed was someone to channelize their energy, support them and tell them the value of life, promising them that life is beautiful in spite of problems hindrances, difficulties and questions. They too can contribute to the beauty of human existence and to the society but are “ Tare Jami Par”. Mrs. Badve decided to devote her life to the cause 24x7…365 days of the year and due to thirteen years of of her hard work… the result is…more than 1000 visually challenged students living a healthy and happy life.

Her husband Mr. Anand Badve has supported her throughout this journey and is now completely involved with the work at Niwant. He has brought in a lot of technology which has helped Niwant grow to a new and higher standars.
Her daughter Ms. Uma Badve also helps with education, documentation and new developments for Niwant.

Trustees of the Organisations:

Director & Founder – Mrs. Meera Badve
Secretary – Mrs. Sarojini Kurtkoti
Trustee – Mr. Anand Badve
Trustee – Mr. Ashok Badve
Trustee – Ms. Uma Badve
Trustee – Mrs. Suvarna Badve

Niwant would not be able to function without the help of the many supporters and volunteers who put in time and effort to make this organization function smoothly and successfully.