Most assume that the world of nature is out of bounds for the visually impaired as they cannot see the green trees or the colourful birds.

What we forget is their keen sense of observation and feel.

To bring them a breath of fresh air Niwant organizes trips every year to various destinations.

They have been to forests with Mr. Kiran Purandare (renowned ornithologist), to the sea in Goa to Kashid Beach in Maharashtra among other exciting places.

Volunteers are more than welcome to join us on these trips.


Debates and Elocution Competitions:
Students at Niwant are encouraged to participate in debates and elocution competitions in their respective colleges. To prepare them for the same and to increase their oratory skills, every year Niwant hosts mock debates and elocution competitions.
Renowned literary personalities are invited to judge these events.

Publication of Books:
Curricular and Extra – curricular books are printed in Braille and published at the hands of the author at Niwant. The authors take time to interact with the students at Niwant who having read the books pose tons of questions for the authors.
This encourages the students to read more and gives them the opportunity to interact with famous authors and writers.

Niwant celebrates birthdays, wedding anniversaries, festivals, promotions etc. like any other family.
We never miss an occasion to celebrate and to eat yummy goodies!