Who in India doesn’t play cricket right? NAMV students follow the same philosophy.

Niwant Andh Mukta Vikasalaya has a cricket team of its own which consists of 100% visually impaired and partially visually impaired boys.

They have won quite a few cricket tournaments and are eager to play with any team (sighted or visually impaired)

The captain of our cricket team is Swapnil Wagh.


Every year Niwant hosts a chess tournament at NAMV.

This tournament though quiet is extremely exciting!

Everyone is welcome to participate. We will put up news about the chess tournament on our activities page.

To receive such news, please do get involved by registering yourself as a member of Niwant.

Yoga and Exercise:

Visually impaired have lesser mobility than the sighted as their movement is restricted due to low/no vision.

Yoga increases flexibility. We want everyone at NAMV to have a supple body which we believe will lead to a healthy, strong and innovative mind!

We conduct regular yoga workshops at Niwant, where students are trained by visually impaired yoga instructors to perform innumerous asanas.

Every evening, NAMV transforms into a gym for those who want to exercise. They are taught many exercises that will increase their mobility and keep them fit.