Cards, Bags and Flowers:

Braille Cards

We take initiatives to put proper use of their creativity in composing poems, drawing, writing Braille by designing unique Braille card.

The card has a drawing drawn by a visually challenged student. A poem written by the visually challenged is showcased on the cover as well as on the inside in Braille. There is a Braille Chart which lets everyone learn the Braille Language.

Students who write the poem, draw the drawing and transcribe the poem in Braille earn through the sale of these cards.

After designing, these are taken for screen-printing for production in mass. We appointed a marketing manager to sell our cards.

There are almost 25 students engaged in this activity during festival time and earn about 10-15K every year.

Paper bags:

Teaching them Origami folding paper bags without staple pins and cello tapes, which are delivered to the bakeries and also used at our own chocolate stalls.

Many students make these bags in their free time and earn money to pay their mess bills etc.

Hence, promoting plastic free world to give the students a sense of contribution to the society.

Origami Flowers:

Beautiful origami flowers are made out of cloth and net and used to felicitate guests at Niwant.
They are also sold at our chocolate stalls.

Even without vision, the colour combination on these flowers in miraculously never wrong and in fact quite creative.

Students make these flowers in their spare time and earn money through the sale of these flowers.