Interview of Vishal Pawle who is placed in Vijaya bank

Vishal Hanumant Pawle is from Pune and completed his BA in Political Science. He is presently pursuing MA in Political science. Vishal has procured a job at Vijaya Bank as a ‘Clerk’.

His hobbies are surfing the internet, listening to the news, he loves music and programming. Vishal has learned programming languages like C, PHP code igniter, Ruby on Rails, Java script, HTML, Haml, coffee Script, JQuery, Mongo DB and Oracle. The most amazing thing is that Vishal has learnt most of these programming languages on his own!

Vishal has a younger brother and a sister. His father used to work as a job contractor but unfortunately he is currently unemployed. His mother is a housewife.

Vishal joined Niwant in the year 2008. Initially he lacked confidence and used to hesitate while talking to his seniors and teachers. Gradually he overcame his fear. When he was in class 11th, he worked in a company called Proto Control Instrument of India Private Limited. He was always worried about his academics. Meera madam gave him the confidence to study hard and continue work. With the help of his job Vishal helped his parents to pay off a loan that they had taken for his sister’s wedding. He also worked in an orchestra as a singer.

The people who supported, coached and mentored Vishal are numerous. These include his parents, teachers, genuine friends at Niwant, etc. All of them supported him and also provided the necessary guidance when he was preparing for the Banking exam. Vishal took study material from Niwant. Thanks to Sarojini Mami, Nagpal Sir and Vandana Gandhi, he could successfully clear the written exam and interview. He religiously attended Gandhi madam’s classes. Mr. Nagpal would visit Niwant every Saturday to coach students for banking. Sarojini mami would complete all the recordings for banking aspirants. Techvision Software Solution (TVSS) offered Vishal a job as a programmer on the basis of his limited knowledge and helped him tremendously in his personal and professional growth. Thanks to team Techvision, he learned several programming languages. While he had enrolled himself for C programming, he could not even create a folder and Siddhant Chothe (CEO Techvision) yelled at him. Siddhant also inspired him to work with more sincerity. Siddhant’s words had a huge impact on Vishal and pushed him to become technically perfect.

It was Vishal’s aim to prepare for the post of a Probationary Officer (PO) in a bank. He started working on this since the month of July 2012. He even cleared the exam but unfortunately could not give the interview due to some technical reasons. He was very disappointed due to this but fought back and tried again. He cleared the interview for the post of a Clerk. Vishal is determined to attempt and clear the PO test once again.

In India, the attitude of society towards the visually impaired is unfortunately very negative. Especially people working in the banks are not aware about the capabilities of the blind community. They have absolutely no knowledge how a blind person operates a computer. Vishal is glad that this scenario is gradually changing. He wishes to work in the IT department of a bank and effectively use his technical knowledge. Vishal would like to make banking websites accessible for all his visually impaired friends since they are also potential customers of the bank. He feels that if he is allowed to work in the IT department, it will open doors for many more capable people like him. It is an area where is can truly value add!

It doesn’t stop here! After clearing this test, Vishal feels very confident about the next tests. He wishes to become an IT manager. He is also keen to change the attitude of society towards blind people. He would like to convince them that blind people can efficiently work in a bank and even aspire for higher positions.

Vishal is truly an inspiration to so many. The message he has for the young students of Niwant is that there are several vacancies available in the banking sector. He feels that this is a great opportunity for lucrative jobs. Vishal says, “You should never give up even if you don’t clear it in one attempt. You should always think big and have the courage to make your dreams come true. You must always believe in your capabilities. I’m sure all of us can soar high!”


Event Date (organized on):14/Jun/2014