Sex, Gynec and Dental education camp at Niwant

January 27th was a remarkable day for Niwant. On that day a Sex education camp was held at Niwant Andh Mukta Vikasalaya. Sex is indeed a basic biological need of human beings. Knowledge of sex helps individuals adopts healthy life; sex being an integral part of human existence. Doctor Arun Ranade an eminent surgeon from Panvel, was very lucid in his presentation related to Sex Education. Mrs. Shailaja Ranade an eminent a Gynecologist focused on the problems and issues faced by young women and girls. Doctor Charuta Ranade a dentist by profession covered issues related to oral hygiene and dental problems. It was an enlightening experience for the youngsters as many questions they had in their minds received answers from the expert doctors. Life is essentially simple and it becomes even more beautiful when we get answers to many questions that remain unanswered and create confusion in our minds. So let us come together resolve to follow the advice of the Ranade Doctor Family for a healthy,long, fulfilling life.

Doctor Ranade and his family with the young team at Niwant.


Event Date (organized on):27/Jan/2013